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International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

22 January to 18 April 2017
Ancient Archaeological Park Ostia

Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 11:00 am will be inaugurated in the Synagogue of Ostia Antica the ninth edition of ART IN MEMORY, the International Contemporary Art Biennial conceived and curated by Adachiara Zevi and organized by the Cultural Arteinmemoria.

Press release

At Bookshop you can buy reproductions of these mosaics made from highly rated artists:

Bird, photographed at particular Massimo museum in Rome, marble mosaic (black Marquina and classic travertine).

Flamingo or wader, small painting polychrome mosaic guarded museum in Sfax (Tunisia).

Basket with grapes, polychrome mosaic found near Ma'ararat Numan Syria.

Octopus, especially marble mosaic mosaic secure marine composition at the archaeological museum Massimo.

Dragons, polychrome mosaic freely adapted from mythological depictions.

Neptune actually Ocean, marble mosaic representation of the protagonist of the Trevi fountain statue.

Giustiniano, Mosaic glass paste and marble 6th century S Vitale Ravenna, (wedding procession).

Gladiatore, Mosaic polychrome marble, truly "the athlete bearded" the Baths of Caracalla now in the Vatican Museums.

Eolo, Mosaic in b / w, particularly of a mosaic floor decoration.

Leone, Mosaic depicting the symbol of one of the districts or Roman quarters (Trastevere).

I Tables are chessboards with classical decorative elements, the marbles used are absolute black and white botticino toed and Trani.


Umberto Mastroianni in Ostia Antica. From the Figurative to the Abstract and the emblems of the ostiense collection

May, 14th – November, 10th 2013

The exhibition is promoted by the Superintendence of the Archaeological Heritage of Rome, in collaboration with Il Cigno GG Edizioni, and also includes the exhibition of several of the most important works that belonged to the private atelier of Umberto Mastroianni from which he refused to be separated during his lifetime. A selection of more than 40 works including sculptures and cartoons provide testimony to the eclectic genius of Mastroianni who, from the figurative to the abstract, left his mark on the 20th century in Italy.

The emblems, or rather figural representations made with minute tesserae of colored stone and vitreous paste set on mobile backings, which originally constituted the centers of mosaic pavements, will be presented publicly for the first time. A careful conservational reassessment in 2003 has allowed each individual piece to maintain its own unique constructional entity without erasing the fragmentary quality pertaining to the moment of discovery.

The collection of small polychrome “paintings” from the sepulchral grounds of Portus on the Isola Sacra documents, through the choice of themes which reference the mythological world, the representation of still lives and of animal repertoires, the diffusion of a non-differentiated decorative language between the city of the living and the funerary world at the end of the I and beginning of the III century A.D.

The exhibition itinerary presents a strong and unsettling comparison: on the one hand the spread open and two dimensional volumes by the Maestro from Arpino; on the other, the Classical dimensions of ancient art. An itinerary that marks the evolution of the line, the mark, of forms and proportions: from the revival of nature to its negation.
The exhibition gathers together the sculptures of the Maestro in the archaeological area and gradually and progressively creates a harmony between the modernity of the works of Mastroianni and the long life of the ancient city.


Concept: Il Cigno GG Edizioni, Lorenzo Zichichi, Dott.ssa Paola Germoni.