Excavation paths

Visitors can choose among five themed paths, according to the historical-cultural aspect in which they are mostly interested. So, coming back to Ostia Antica, they will be able to discover other aspects of this site, following another themed path.

1. Along the Decumanus

The commercial street. Marketplaces, public buildings, ways and places of production. The Fulloniche (Fuller's workshops), the huge Piazzale delle Corporazioni (Square of the Guilds), the tabernae (taberns), the theater and various warehouses.

2. From Porta Marina

Cults and religious communities. The Synagogue, the Mithraea. The Christian Basilica, the Round Temple and the Capitolium. The Campus of the Magna Mater.

3. The Forum and its surroundings

The political, commercial and religious center. The Forum, the Cardus Maximus, the Baths, the Capitolium, the Thermopolium, the Small Market, the Tabernae of Fishmongers (fishmongers'shops) and the Macellum, the Christian Basilica and the Round Temple.

4. Around Via della Foce

The districts of the river port. Cults and religious buildings, residential neighborhoods, houses and spas with pictorial remains and mosaics.

5. Porta Marina and its surroundings

Houses and "modern buildings" in Ostia Antica. What's near Porta Marina, the domus, residential facilities, refreshments, sepulchral monuments.